Zoë Georgakis

You forgot what you meant when you read what you said
26 • California

His continuous employment at parks had eventually given him a somewhat skewed view of reality. Arnold contended, only half jokingly, that the entire world was increasingly described by the metaphor of the theme park. ‘Paris is a theme park,’ he once announced, after a vacation, ‘although it’s too expensive, and the park employees are unpleasant and sullen.
— Jurassic Park

Whenever my sister and I see each other we basically do the same regular stuff (go to the movies, eat at restaurants, binge watch TV, grocery shop for amusement) and do a few other things that are stereotypical for the region (breweries and farms in Wisconsin, museums and musicals in New York, Disneyland in Anaheim). Except when we’re both home we never go to the beach or go wine tasting or do anything Santa Barbara-y.


John F. Kennedy at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice while on a trip to Europe with LeMoyne Billings in August 1937. 

From the JFK Library 


Take a flight of fancy.


Study break, Vassar College


An abandoned castle in south-east France by noirdelux

I’m loitering around my sister’s workplace while she’s in a meeting. The buildings all have different themes; the one I’m in right now is Medieval themed with a suit of armor and dragon statues and swords and family crests all over the place. And the curtains are chain mail!


ghost world (2001)

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